In today’s 3D printing briefs, a proposed ASM standard will work to control the cleanliness of metal powder feedstock. Meltio announced an official business partner in Japan, Biohm announced a new suite of services, and Siemens NX added intelligence-driven design to its Xcelerator portfolio. Finally, Atherton Bikes breaks down theRead More →

image: UTSA researchers Arturo Montoya, Harry Millwater and David Restrepo have developed new computer designs that could lead to more reliable additively manufactured products. to see Continued Credit: University of Texas at San Antonio Researchers from UTSA’s Margie and Bill Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design are advancing workRead More →

Specialist in 3D printing of heat exchangers Conflux Technology teamed up with Deakin University School of Engineering and Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) to develop new aluminum alloys for its 3D printed heat exchangers. The research project is supported by funding of $138,000 from the Center for Cooperative Research inRead More →

Business, post-processing, aviation, automotive and firearms – that’s what’s on the menu in today’s 3D printing news! AMT appointed Magnus René as Chairman of the Board, Optomec announced significant growth in orders for its electronic and metal 3D printers, and Protolabs launched vapor smoothing for its 3D printed parts. MIMORead More →

We’re talking business, materials and education today in 3D Printing News Briefs as Caracol earned 9100 certification to produce advanced parts for the aerospace industry and Albemartle and 6K signed a joint development agreement. voestalpine is using a giant sand 3D printer for casting steel, Meltio has launched a rangeRead More →

Insiders and analysts made their predictions on the 3D printing trends to monitor. Find out more in our series on the future of 3D printing. QA software developer Sigma Laboratories partnered with a 3D printing service provider materialize develop a technology allowing the real-time correction of errors during metal additiveRead More →

We start with business in today’s 3D printing briefs, as RadTech announced new board members and Ziggzagg invests in workflow automation technology from AM- Flow. Cults3D was recently in hot water on reddit over payment and personal information concerns. Moving on, OPEN MIND presented its latest hyperCAD/CAM software suite MILLRead More →

We’re kicking off today’s briefs on 3D printing with 3D software, as Materialize has integrated Siemens’ Parasolid with its own Magics software. Then The Virtual Foundry launched a metal 3D printer, a bioprinting startup integrated a disinfection system into its multi-material 3D bioprinting solution, and ENABLE 3D joined the ACAMRead More →

We’re starting with two acquisitions in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs and then a new Amazon e-commerce store for polypropylene filaments. Then we will discuss the software, the orientation of the printing and finish with the 3D printing for the preparation of the rhinoplasty surgery. Read on for the details!Read More →

3D printing is a growing technology that is disrupting many industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, innovations in 3D printing are not only changing the way we make things, but adjusting areas of the possible, creating capabilities and functionality that were previously beyond the reach of production processes. traditional. Image Credit:Read More →

In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we begin with stories from Aleph Farms and Orbex regarding their efforts to keep our planet healthy by working towards net zero carbon and building an environmentally friendly rocket, respectively. with 3D printed parts. Subsequently, Additive Assurance partnered with Volkswagen, and PennRead More →

We start with an unusual story in today’s 3D printing briefs, as mimiX Biotherapeutics, which launched its first acoustic bio-printer this week, noticed that Facebook’s new Meta logo looked terribly familiar. Subsequently, XJet has two new distribution partners in Europe and 3D LifePrints expands to the United States with aRead More →

Nexa3D, the maker of ultra-fast polymeric 3D printers, has announced its partnership with leader in AI-based manufacturing software, Oqton, to meet the growing demand for patient-specific dental devices and aligners manufactured in additive worldwide. As part of this collaboration, Nexa3D plans to unveil new dental software that delivers significant productivityRead More →

Researchers designed a data-centric approach for generative modeling of 3D printed steel. The team believes their model could help determine the quality of a design and material before manufacturing. The research is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. To study: A data-centric approach to generative modeling forRead More →

The increased awareness and popularity surrounding the use of metals in additive manufacturing presents exciting opportunities for many industries, especially aerospace and medicine, as new research in the journal considers. Metals. To study: Flexible production of powders for the additive manufacturing of refractory metal-based alloys. Image Credit: MarinaGrigorivna / Shutterstock.comRead More →

Today’s 3D printing news briefs are a bit of everything, starting with a research paper on 3D printing tungsten carbide surfaces with extreme wear resistance. Next, a runner partnered with CRP Technology to 3D print custom sports running shoes, and Optomec delivered a million-dollar metal 3D printer for turbine repair.Read More →

EQS Group-News: ALSO Holding AG / Keyword (s): Expansion Enables ALSO to Close Gap in End-to-End 3D Printing Workflow 2021-10-29 / 07: 00 ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————- Emmen, Switzerland, 29. October 2021 PRESS RELEASE Peel 3d Scanning Solutions: ALSO bridges the gap in the end-to-end 3D printing workflow This makes themRead More →

The application of additive manufacturing (AM) in the field of manufacturing biocompatible materials has really been beneficial in increasing the biomechanical performance of end products, as was developed in new research in the journal MDPI Polymers. Specimen designs, sized according to the corresponding ASTM standards for each characterization test. FromRead More →

Launching today’s 3D Printing Bulletins, Sartomer has launched a new global website with next-generation product search tools. Roboze welcomed two new members to its advisory board and 3D Solutions became an exclusive sales agent in France for Farsoon Europe. Finally, Autodesk recently released Netfabb 2022. Read on for more details!Read More →

To kick things off in today’s briefs on 3D printing, the STEM Careers Coalition launched new resources, together with industry-leading partners, and Digital Metal and Etteplan entered into a 3D printing design partnership. Subsequently, Stryker established an R&D 3D printing lab in Queensland. Finally, nScrypt received a patent to controlRead More →

In today’s 3D Printing Bulletins, ExOne and SSI are working together to boost volume production with metal binder jet 3D printing, and RadTech announced a new AM photopolymer alliance. Researchers from Texas A&M published a paper on their method of optimizing alloy properties for flawless metallic 3D printing. Finally, MITRead More →

We start with new materials in today’s 3D printing briefs, then move on to automation, bioprinting, and business. B9Creations introduced new resins for 3D printed molds and production parts, and 3DQue made automation capabilities available for the CR-10 and CR-6 SE 3D printers. Subsequently, BICO launched a contractual research offerRead More →

We are resuming our activities in this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, as VELO3D has further expanded its team and Evolve Additive Solutions has welcomed two new members of the Board of Directors. ASME announced a new venture to help accelerate digital transformation, and Branch Technology received a matchingRead More →

We start with extensive research into today’s 3D printing briefs, as scientists at Pusan ​​National University 4D print moisture sensitive polymers and 3D printed components help improve the performance of an electrochemical reactor. Astronomers 3D print portable stellar cribs, and we’re not talking about the kind where your baby fallsRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, Stratasys is the first founding partner of nFrontier’s Emerging Technology Center in Berlin, which seeks to become one of Europe’s premier facilities for emerging technologies creatively applied in software and hardware. Continuing, Auburn University used DM3D’s multi-nozzle DED 3D printing to make a rocket nozzleRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, the first Formnext + PM South China is finally opening this week. In materials news, a biomedical company introduced what it calls the first gelatin purified and functionalized with phenol, and a California company is using corn husks and 3D printing to make furniture. Finally,Read More →

We start with the materials in today’s 3D Printing Bulletins, as XJet announced the commercial availability of alumina ceramics. Continuing, Raise3D announced the beta of ideMaker 4.2.0, and a new student at MIT won an IEEE scholarship for his self-replicating 3D printer. Stratasys 3D printed several components for Champion Motorsport’sRead More →

In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, PrintParts has appointed a new leader, and a blockchain-based 3D printing solution has been developed that will allow cryptographic protection of 3D design files. Then the Farsoon Flight HT403P system was used to customize functional auto parts. Finally, a 3D printed versionRead More →

In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we start with a few business, as GoProto ANZ announced a major industry certification, and then Parmatech, 3DEO, and 6K each won awards for their technology. Moving on to interesting 3D printed products, a designer’s 3D printed vise can supposedly hold anyRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news briefs, we’ll tell you about a renowned case study award, and then some stories about 3D printing materials. Finally, we share news of a new joint venture and then recently launched AM technology. Read on for the stories! Renowned Aubin AM case study award SMERead More →

We’re all on the hardware news and research in this week’s 3D printing news briefs, and we end with a few business. First, BAE Systems uses large-scale 3D printing and carbon fiber reinforced resin to help produce a future combat air demonstrator, and Mechano showcased its new electrostatic dissipative photopolymerRead More →

In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we have physicists for 3D printing of magnets, a new company that 3D prints custom silicone sex toys, and a more ergonomic water pressure cleaning station for removal. support. Read on for all the details! 3D printing magnets and magnetic systems 3DRead More →

We start today with business in 3D printing briefs, talking about Auburn University’s additive manufacturing accelerator and vector photonics leading the BLOODLINE consortium, which I promise , is not as strange as its name suggests. Next, Siemens Energy found a way to use 3D printing to upgrade turbine blades ratherRead More →

Business first in today’s 3D printing briefs, before moving on to other topics, like hybrid systems, new filaments, and interesting 3D printed products. Massivit is about to go public on the Israeli stock exchange. Romi showcased a range of hybrid manufacturing systems comprising both traditional machining operations and metallic 3DRead More →

We start with the big news in today’s 3D printing news brief, then move on to business and an exciting vacation deal. Markforged and Digital Metal both introduce new materials, and Link3D is expanding in the Nordic region. 3DQue has started shipping their Quinly kits for pre-sale and 3DEO hasRead More →

This week’s edition of Sliced, the summary of what’s happening in the 3D printing industry, features the UK’s first conviction for a 3D printing of a gun, new bioprinting technology and growing investments in 3D printed concrete houses in the Arabian Peninsula. We also cover the RESHAPE, PrinterPrezz, GE Additive,Read More →

In this edition of Sliced, the digest of the news of the 3D printing industry, additive manufacturing allows the creation of the Bionic Girl, China reveals plan to build solar power plant in space with 3D printing technology, longest 3D printed pedestrian bridge pays homage to ancient Chinese architecture. InRead More →

This edition of Rapid 3D Printing News brings you the latest 3D printing news on a new 3D printing technology 100 times faster, the funding raised by Essentium, the potential of 3D printing in the online growth of manufacturers truck and Dremel’s new 3D printer with a build plate. NewRead More →

Today in Sliced ​​- what to 3D print for Christmas; UK hospitals demand more 3D printing in healthcare; a bio-printer is launched into space; and all the latest commercial offerings from APWORKS, Sigma Labs, XJet, Sculpteo and more. Sigma Labs partners with Fraunhofer, CERN integrates AM automation Supplier of qualityRead More →

Today in Sliced, our 3D printing news digest, we collect all the latest additive manufacturing business updates, applications and research. In addition to the title companies, we feature Organovo, BigRep, Etihad, Graphene 3D Lab, PrintLab, Renishaw, and UNYQ in a quick summary of stories from across the industry. 3D printedRead More →

This edition of our digest of news on Sliced ​​3D printing follows the latest developments of Formnext 2018; the acceleration of industrial metal additive manufacturing; new post-processing solutions; and the release of the latest AlphaEDGE 4D shoe from Adidas and Carbon. All this and more from Nanoscribe, Additive Industries, CallaghanRead More →

Today in Sliced, the digest of the news of the 3D printing industry: traditional construction takes note of 3D printing, sales forecasts from SLM Solutions, new opportunities for 3D designers, additive trade deals, new material to recycle old plastic and more. SLM Solutions adjusts sales forecast for 2018 The boardRead More →

From 3D printed buildings to Banksy, exceptional bottom line results to industrial metal additive partnerships, today’s Sliced ​​News Digest goes through all the latest news across the manufacturing industry to keep you up to date. , our readers, well informed. The companies featured in this edition are: TRUMPF, Renishaw, Altair,Read More →

Today in Sliced, our regular digest of 3D printing news, we feature new university courses in 3D printing, fiber-reinforced filaments, cutting-edge research in additive manufacturing, the future of 3D printed electronics and an autonomous vehicle challenge. Read on for the latest news from 3D Systems, Plymouth University, Becton, Dickinson andRead More →

Today in Sliced, our digest of 3D printing news, we present the latest composite materials; a virtual trip to Paris; BMW 3D printed motorcycle and electron microscope parts inspection. Read on for that and more, including Sketchfab, Autodesk, FOX, Cam Newton, Immensa Technology Labs, Victrex, Matterhackers, Robo 3D, CoreLink Surgical,Read More →

This edition of our Sliced ​​3D Printing News Digest follows the latest developments in the strategic collaboration between EOS and Siemens; commercialization of the STEP technology of Evolve Additive Solutions; and the installation of the largest 3D printed coral reef in the Maldives. Additional news comes from ARRK Europe, SouthwestRead More →

This edition of Rapid 3D Printing News brings you 3D printing news from Markforged & Desktop Metal Lawsuit, Arkema Center of Excellence, Multi-State Lawsuit against 3D Printed Guns & Amazon launches its own 3D printer filament Markforged cleared of patent infringement claims by jury; Five violations are still pending Above:Read More →

Who will win the space race: Blue Origin or SpaceX? Can Classroom Teachers Become 3D Printing Experts? Would you wear 3D printed lingerie? How can additive manufacturing restore historic pieces of art? These questions and more from MakerBot, AIDC, RP Support, Digital Metal, Tanked, MTC, Xometry in this edition ofRead More →

3D printing news to be decided this week includes Create O&P, German RepRap, Humanetics, Manufacturing Technology Center, NewPro 3D and many more. A space for additive manufacturing Coventry Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC), a leading independent research and technology organization behind the additive manufacturing skills repositoryhas been selected by the world’sRead More →

This edition of 3D printing news stories from Formlabs, EOS, Dremel 3D, LulzBot, Laser Prototypes Europe, re: 3D, GKN, Royal DSM, Konica Minolta, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Ohio State University, Adafruit, XRobots, Joris Laarman Lab and Twindom. Brain waves, dental trays and focusing rays Scientists from the Southwestern Medical CenterRead More →

Today in Sliced ​​we have an update on the latest developments in 3D printing in research, business, engineering, medicine, and design. This includes: NASA, NURBS, RangeVision 3D scanners, University of Southern Denmark, MVJ College of Engineering, Fracktal Works, EOS, North Carolina State University, Shiro Studio, Gloria Material Technology Corp, ThermalRead More →

3D printing news to be decided today includes: 3D Hubs, IKEA, Bea Åkerlund, DyeMansion, Materflow, Wazp, Roboze, Inovsys, Fridman Gallery, Spatial and Made in Space. 3D Hubs Announces 2017 Student Scholarship Winners Online 3D printing platform 3D Hubs has announced the winners of its annual student scholarship competition. The $500Read More →

This roundup of 3D printing news features Lockheed Martin, Harford Community College, Jesse Garant Metrology Center, MakerBot, America Makes, SLM Solutions, DisTech Automation, Leapfrog, Formlabs, Porsche, and Duke University. Lockheed Martin funds $1 million advanced manufacturing center Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) recently received help from a $1Read More →