Ricoh offers Cheque-Mates enhanced print service opportunities

Ricoh has announced that it has supplied Cheque-Mates, a professional print and communications production company, with a new high-capacity digital printer.

The new purchase by Cheque-Mates is part of a wider digital refresh program that began in July 2021. Research was undertaken by the company to determine what alternatives were available in the wider market that could potentially meet business printing needs.

They chose the Ricoh Pro C9210 digital sheet-fed press, which Ricoh claims can produce high-quality color prints at up to 135ppm on a variety of media types up to 600m thick and offers resolution 2400 x 4800 dpi print speed.

Cheque-Mates is a Lamson Group company and has been in business since 1990, operating as a business partner to the printing industry. Ricoh’s new purchase is the first time the company has purchased a printer from a supplier other than Fujifilm or HP.

“The technology selection process is very important to our business because we are ultimately investing on behalf of our channel partners,” said Rodney Frost, Group CEO, The Lamson Paragon Group of Companies.

“Our technology needs to perform because many companies in the industry rely on us. We spent a lot of time carefully evaluating equipment from various vendors before creating a shortlist of three, including Konica Minolta and Fujifilm.”

The selection process included several demonstrations in each vendor’s showroom, where printer performance, raster image processors and output were examined.

“We were very impressed with the quality of the machine’s engineering as well as the consistency of performance,” says Frost.

“During the testing process, the Ricoh printer did not experience any paper jams, which is remarkable. Our industry is blessed with the options we currently have when it comes to machines, but the Ricoh Pro C9210 stood out for Our needs.”

The company decided to purchase the Ricoh printer in late December 2021, and it was installed and fully operational in March 2022. Frost says the printer has performed very well and can meet the demands of a variety of jobs.

“We are also realizing productivity improvements due to significantly improved uptime. The rated speed in a brochure isn’t always necessarily what you see materialize as an actual production output,” says Frost. Jobs can be completed faster, which means we can achieve improved production volumes and faster results for our partners.”

Mark Moro, National Sales Manager for Ricoh Graphic Communications, says he is delighted to be able to work with Cheque-Mates to provide better solutions to customers.

“Cheque-Mates is one of Australia’s leading print and communications providers with an outstanding reputation for exceeding the demanding needs of other printers, print managers and agencies,” he says.

“We are delighted to have Cheque-Mates join the growing list of Australia’s leading print suppliers who have chosen Ricoh as their preferred print partner.”