Ricoh launches VC70000e Web Pro inkjet press

Ricoh USA, Inc. has announced the launch of RICOH Pro VC70000e, the latest model in its award-winning continuous feeder line. This latest addition benefits from advanced hardware, software and workflow enhancements, including Ricoh’s exclusive undercoat technology, which enables printers to produce photo books, luxury catalogs and more with the sharpness and precision required for these high-end applications. With this platform, offset and digital printers can support more jobs, as they can now support a wider range of substrates without sacrificing quality or performance thanks to Ricoh’s optional undercoating process .

The Pro VC70000e is field upgradeable and interchangeable with existing VC70000 models. This reduces barriers and costs of entry for existing DC power customers who wish to expand their application set, a direct result of feedback Ricoh has received from its customer base. For offset printers, this model eases the transition from inkjet with its undercoat technology, which allows printing on a wider range of substrates.

The Pro VC70000e is the latest generation of the Pro VC70000 line that offers several print quality and productivity enhancements, including business intelligence capabilities through RICOH Supervisor as well as artificial intelligence (AI) benefits and machine learning (ML). Information can be collected directly from users’ workflow to discover patterns that power smarter printers. The feedback loop is continuous, helping to strengthen customer relationships through a more accurate and efficient process.

“We are seeing a significant increase in demand for the marketing and printing services provided by our customers. The RICOH Pro VC70000e helps these customers discover new revenue streams and overcome the challenges they face due to paper supply shortages and other economic impediments,” said Mike Herold, Director, Global Marketing, Ricoh USA, Inc. “The original Pro VC70000’s patented dryer technology opened the door to new opportunities with its inkjet quality, and this new model is the next phase in our continued evolution to deliver the best in- Class-leading inkjet innovations We’ve built a one-of-a-kind platform that opens doors to new business opportunities with high-end luxury applications that require next-level print quality.

The Pro VC70000e is available now.

Source: Ricoh USA

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