Quantum Group buys Landa S10P nanographic digital printing press

Quantum Group, a trusted expert in direct marketing and corporate communication services, has made a major investment in on-demand marketing with the purchase of a Landa S10P nanographic printing press. The press, which complements Quantum’s wide range of digital and offset equipment, will be installed by the end of the year and will enable Quantum to meet growing customer demand. The company, which supports customers in industries such as pharmacy, healthcare, retail, insurance, and more, has seen its personalized mailings grow 5x since 2018. Along with the investment in equipment, Quantum increased its manufacturing footprint by 50% to support this exponential growth.

“We are excited to add the Landa S10P to our production fleet,” said Cheryl Kahanec, CEO of Quantum Group. “Our customers will be able to communicate more effectively with their audience. With format size, substrate range, speed and quality, the Landa will extend our current offset and digital platform to ensure successful execution of timely and targeted projects. We look forward to providing our customers with efficiency, flexibility and quality while providing increased customization and reduced speed to market. »

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press is a B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) size digital press that powers collated order job printing and can produce high quality prints on any standard substrate, from 2.4 to 24 pt — with no pre-processing required. The Landa S10P offers the ultimate in efficient production, printing 6,500 single-sided sheets per hour and 3,250 double-sided sheets per hour. In addition to its high speeds, the press also offers the widest color gamut in the industry, covering 96% of Pantone colors.

Additionally, the technology behind Landa NanoInk enables precise and efficient low-ink application, which produces extremely round dots with super sharp edges, high optical uniformity and consistent density. This means that NanoInk on paper is only 0.5 microns thick, less than half the thickness of offset ink images. Additionally, NanoInk colorants are supplied as concentrates and are mixed with water on-site, eliminating unnecessary shipping of water, saving space and weight, and reducing the impact on our planet. .

“We believe the future is bright for Quantum and our customers,” Kahanec said. “Our clients know we excel at executing personalized communications that help them connect with their target audiences, and our latest technology investment will help us continue to exceed their expectations.”

Source: Landa Digital Printing

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