3D printing is a growing technology that is disrupting many industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, innovations in 3D printing are not only changing the way we make things, but adjusting areas of the possible, creating capabilities and functionality that were previously beyond the reach of production processes. traditional. Image Credit:Read More →

Image: Thomas Boland, Ph.D., professor of biomedical engineering at UTEP and a bioprinting pioneer widely known as the grandfather of modern inkjet bioprinting, has been appointed a member of the National Academy of Inventors. see Following Credit: UTEP Marketing et Communication EL PASO, Texas (December 9, 2021) – Thomas Boland,Read More →

Helen Frankenthaler is best known for her large-scale, vivid “smear” paintings, which initiated the color field works of the so-called Abstract Expressionists of the second generation. She claimed that her visit to Jackson Pollock’s exhibition at the Betty Parsons Gallery in 1950 changed her sense of what could be doneRead More →

While many of us haven’t sent (or even bought!) This year’s Christmas cards yet, there are probably several early risers already gearing up for next year’s bundle. A holiday tradition for over 175 years, the first Christmas cards were created and sent to social circles from early Victorian England toRead More →