Hudson Printing Acquires Second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

Salt Lake City-based Hudson Printing and Landa Digital Printing announced that Hudson has acquired a second Landa S10P nanographic printing press, six months after the first S10P went into production at the site.

“The first S10P allowed us to both increase productivity and increase capacity,” said Paul Hudson, CEO of Hudson Printing. “Now we have room to grow. With the market demanding more every day, a second S10P is imperative.

With unlimited numerical variability on each page and from sheet to sheet as well as very high speed, the first S10P at Hudson started working very quickly.

“One million impressions of a long, highly personalized run that would have required many shifts on other presses…was eliminated within hours by the S10P,” Hudson said. “Now, with the S10P, I can say we’re producing better looking work than ever – with different images and data from page to page – and we’re more on time than ever.”

Although his original idea was to start shifting work to the Landa S10P and over time to start exploring new products that take advantage of the press’s unique capabilities, Hudson’s plan was changed when the press began to handle more of the operation’s workload.

“The press has been so successful in producing the long-term variable data work that we have changed our strategy to emphasize and attract more of this type of work,” Hudson said. “The second press will allow us to pursue our vision by introducing products that only this technology can produce.”

The Landa S10P nanographic printing press in double-sided B1 (41″) format uses the nanographic process to advantage, including up to 96% reproduction of Pantone colors when using seven colors, one speed of 6,500 sheets per hour, compatibility with all off-the-shelf substrates, robust data/print solutions, digital print solutions, and easy integration with workflows and other systems both upstream and in downstream.