For this week’s episode of Additive overviewthe TCT editorial team is back with another editorial roundtable, covering the biggest 3D printing and additive manufacturing news from the past month. Editors Laura Griffiths and Sam Davies discuss another major AM acquisition as Stratasys announces its intention to acquire Covestrotwo other majorRead More →

We start with 3D printing news briefs, as Evolve and PostProcess Technologies have added new executives to their teams, and Multiphoton Optics is now a subsidiary of Heidelberg Instruments. The group of companies called Automotive Trim Developments acquired two EOS M 290 metal 3D printers. Finally, InnovationLab announced a breakthroughRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news, SLM Solutions announced several new appointments to its Board of Directors, and AML3D has begun implementing a major aerospace accreditation. Anisoprint partners with Jacobs University Bremen to create a 3D printing ecosystem. Finally, the researchers used a smartphone and a 3D-printed light box to combineRead More →

We’re starting with event news in today’s 3D Printing Briefs, as Formlabs has opened registration for its fifth annual User Summit this fall. Moving on, MeaTech and Umami Meats are working together to develop 3D printed cultured seafood. MakerBot has announced major updates to its CloudPrint platform, and a single-extruderRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news, starting with business, manufacturing company Fast Radius recently cut its workforce by 20%. Next, Xometry introduced new digital sourcing tools and more. A Formula Student racing team uses Eplus3D’s metal powder bed fusion system to improve the performance of their electric racing car. Finally, Smart-ShipRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, we’ll take care of business first, as 3YOURMIND announced its COO and Meltio announced a new business partner. Ultimaker has received important safety certification for its software and other 3D printing products. Moving on, Enhatch is 3D printing custom medical devices. Finally, SLA 3D printingRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, we start with business, as Meltio has named its latest service desk and SelfCAD has launched an affiliate program. Moving on, Hyperganic’s AI-powered algorithmic design software is now available to the public, and EOS has announced the availability of its Extended Reality Basic Training AppRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news, Lithoz showcases new technology and a new printer, and Artec 3D has released an update to its Studio software. Finally, make way for partnerships, because America Makes and Wohlers Associates jointly offer Design for Additive Manufacturing training, and AddUp is partnering with the Acrotec groupRead More →

First in today’s 3D printing briefs, we’ll share the latest update from Continuous Composites’ lawsuit against Markforged. Next, nTopology released an advanced network generation tool. Finally, on aerospace news, BigRep shared a case study on how its technology helped overcome COVID-19 supply chain challenges and Objectify Technologies shared one onRead More →

We begin today’s 3D printing briefs with a new system announcement, as Farsoon has just introduced its FS200M×2 platform to the AMEA and North American market. Next, Senvol and Northrop Grumman together presented at RAPID on the use of machine learning to improve process parameter optimization. Finally, United Performance MetalsRead More →

In 3D Printing News Briefs today, we’ll share some materials news, followed by a new product line focused on 3D printing, and finally cultural heritage. First, Braskem launched three new durable 3D printing filaments, and Mapei Corp. branded and launched cement-based 3D printing ink with partner Black Buffalo. Nippon GasesRead More →

The industry continues to grow, which sees new staff at additive construction company ICON and metal 3D printing company XJet. Meanwhile, technologies from other industries are being applied to 3D printing, such as electron beams for advanced microscopes and electrochemical milling. We are also seeing the wider adoption of additiveRead More →

In today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, we’re starting with metal, as RIT and Xerox team up to advance metal additive manufacturing with a new system installation. Moving on, Stratasys introduced new colorful materials for realistic applications. Then German researchers added anti-reflective coatings to 3D-printed micro-optical systems, and a Brazilian researchRead More →

Kicking off today’s 3D printing briefs is a story from Campfire Audio, who are using the technology to make their new Supermoon headphones. Bharat Fritz Werner has launched what he calls “the world’s largest, fastest and fastest multi-technology laser energy deposition machine”, and Norsk Titanium has completed component-level testing withRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news, polySpectra and Keyland Polymer announced a strategic partnership, and KAERI has developed a 3D printer to fabricate larger nuclear components. Singapore researchers have created a low-cost imaging system to verify the quality of 3D printed metal parts. In Interesting 3D Printed Objects, UMaine claims itsRead More →

In today’s news on 3D printing, Oerlikon and the Technical University of Munich are jointly founding a state-of-the-art manufacturing institute. In bioprinting news, Fluicell has just launched a new system, a China-based joint research team has developed a six-axis bioprinting platform, and Cellink will work on scaling up of CollPlant’sRead More →

Evonik Laxxon Medical’s 3D screen printing technology produces tablets with different layers, allowing controlled dose delivery EVONIK, through its venture capital unit, has invested an undisclosed amount in Laxxon Medical, a US-based company that has developed pharmaceutical 3D printing technology that enables controlled release of active ingredients over time. Laxxon’sRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, a proposed ASM standard will work to control the cleanliness of metal powder feedstock. Meltio announced an official business partner in Japan, Biohm announced a new suite of services, and Siemens NX added intelligence-driven design to its Xcelerator portfolio. Finally, Atherton Bikes breaks down theRead More →

We’ll take care of some business first in today’s 3D printing briefs, as Sigma Labs promoted Jacob Brunsberg to President and COO and one of CORE’s portfolio companies Industrial acquired another manufacturing company. Ultimaker and CASTOR announced an integration, and Dassault Systèmes announced a very exciting new fab lab comingRead More →

We have an interesting consumer goods application to introduce you to in today’s briefs on 3D printing before we go to business in India, investment in metal 3D printing and breakthrough in bio-printing . Finally, we will end with the construction 3D printing. Aectual and BYBORRE 3D Printing Circular HangersRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news, we share the good news that the TCT Awards are back this year! Then on to business, as CORE Industrial acquired another manufacturing company, Meltio announced a North American business partner, and Canada’s advanced manufacturing supercluster is backing an all-Canadian partnership focused on additive manufacturing.Read More →

Business, post-processing, aviation, automotive and firearms – that’s what’s on the menu in today’s 3D printing news! AMT appointed Magnus René as Chairman of the Board, Optomec announced significant growth in orders for its electronic and metal 3D printers, and Protolabs launched vapor smoothing for its 3D printed parts. MIMORead More →

Today’s 3D printing briefs run the gamut, as B9Creations launched a super-accurate 3D scanner and SuperStile installed the Stratasys F770. A former Stratasys executive has joined the XJet team, Fintek plans to showcase its AM surface finishing solutions at an event, and titanium parts for a road bike are nowRead More →

We’re talking business, materials and education today in 3D Printing News Briefs as Caracol earned 9100 certification to produce advanced parts for the aerospace industry and Albemartle and 6K signed a joint development agreement. voestalpine is using a giant sand 3D printer for casting steel, Meltio has launched a rangeRead More →

We first talk about metal 3D printing in this week’s 3D printing brief, with pure copper powder that can be processed with SLS technology and the latest material for the Desktop Metal production system . Next, Darling Ingredients’ health brand is partnering with the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation, andRead More →

We start with business in today’s 3D printing briefs, as RadTech announced new board members and Ziggzagg invests in workflow automation technology from AM- Flow. Cults3D was recently in hot water on reddit over payment and personal information concerns. Moving on, OPEN MIND presented its latest hyperCAD/CAM software suite MILLRead More →

We’re kicking off today’s briefs on 3D printing with 3D software, as Materialize has integrated Siemens’ Parasolid with its own Magics software. Then The Virtual Foundry launched a metal 3D printer, a bioprinting startup integrated a disinfection system into its multi-material 3D bioprinting solution, and ENABLE 3D joined the ACAMRead More →

We’re starting with two acquisitions in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs and then a new Amazon e-commerce store for polypropylene filaments. Then we will discuss the software, the orientation of the printing and finish with the 3D printing for the preparation of the rhinoplasty surgery. Read on for the details!Read More →

In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we begin with stories from Aleph Farms and Orbex regarding their efforts to keep our planet healthy by working towards net zero carbon and building an environmentally friendly rocket, respectively. with 3D printed parts. Subsequently, Additive Assurance partnered with Volkswagen, and PennRead More →

We start with an unusual story in today’s 3D printing briefs, as mimiX Biotherapeutics, which launched its first acoustic bio-printer this week, noticed that Facebook’s new Meta logo looked terribly familiar. Subsequently, XJet has two new distribution partners in Europe and 3D LifePrints expands to the United States with aRead More →

Today’s 3D printing news briefs are a bit of everything, starting with a research paper on 3D printing tungsten carbide surfaces with extreme wear resistance. Next, a runner partnered with CRP Technology to 3D print custom sports running shoes, and Optomec delivered a million-dollar metal 3D printer for turbine repair.Read More →

Launching today’s 3D Printing Bulletins, Sartomer has launched a new global website with next-generation product search tools. Roboze welcomed two new members to its advisory board and 3D Solutions became an exclusive sales agent in France for Farsoon Europe. Finally, Autodesk recently released Netfabb 2022. Read on for more details!Read More →

To kick things off in today’s briefs on 3D printing, the STEM Careers Coalition launched new resources, together with industry-leading partners, and Digital Metal and Etteplan entered into a 3D printing design partnership. Subsequently, Stryker established an R&D 3D printing lab in Queensland. Finally, nScrypt received a patent to controlRead More →

In today’s 3D Printing Bulletins, ExOne and SSI are working together to boost volume production with metal binder jet 3D printing, and RadTech announced a new AM photopolymer alliance. Researchers from Texas A&M published a paper on their method of optimizing alloy properties for flawless metallic 3D printing. Finally, MITRead More →

We start with new materials in today’s 3D printing briefs, then move on to automation, bioprinting, and business. B9Creations introduced new resins for 3D printed molds and production parts, and 3DQue made automation capabilities available for the CR-10 and CR-6 SE 3D printers. Subsequently, BICO launched a contractual research offerRead More →

We are resuming our activities in this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, as VELO3D has further expanded its team and Evolve Additive Solutions has welcomed two new members of the Board of Directors. ASME announced a new venture to help accelerate digital transformation, and Branch Technology received a matchingRead More →

We start with extensive research into today’s 3D printing briefs, as scientists at Pusan ​​National University 4D print moisture sensitive polymers and 3D printed components help improve the performance of an electrochemical reactor. Astronomers 3D print portable stellar cribs, and we’re not talking about the kind where your baby fallsRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news, a new technology from the 3D printing industry is being tested at Curtin Malaysia, and three partners are working to make vehicles lighter. Researchers have developed a 3D-printable COVID test, and a US pilot will soon be launched for 3D-printed meatless burgers. Students 3D printRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, Stratasys is the first founding partner of nFrontier’s Emerging Technology Center in Berlin, which seeks to become one of Europe’s premier facilities for emerging technologies creatively applied in software and hardware. Continuing, Auburn University used DM3D’s multi-nozzle DED 3D printing to make a rocket nozzleRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, the first Formnext + PM South China is finally opening this week. In materials news, a biomedical company introduced what it calls the first gelatin purified and functionalized with phenol, and a California company is using corn husks and 3D printing to make furniture. Finally,Read More →

We start with the materials in today’s 3D Printing Bulletins, as XJet announced the commercial availability of alumina ceramics. Continuing, Raise3D announced the beta of ideMaker 4.2.0, and a new student at MIT won an IEEE scholarship for his self-replicating 3D printer. Stratasys 3D printed several components for Champion Motorsport’sRead More →

In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, PrintParts has appointed a new leader, and a blockchain-based 3D printing solution has been developed that will allow cryptographic protection of 3D design files. Then the Farsoon Flight HT403P system was used to customize functional auto parts. Finally, a 3D printed versionRead More →

In today’s 3D printing news briefs, we bring you an updated version of the software, followed by the announcement of a startup of a medical device using the micro AM Tera 250 system from Nanofabrica. Continuing medical news, Seattle Children’s Hospital recently used 3D printing to save a child’s life.Read More →

We’ve got deals, materials and more in today’s 3D printing news briefs, starting with Sandvik announcing the acquisition of DWFritz. Next, Xometry can now provide quotes for metal binder jetting instantly, and Sintavia has developed proprietary copper 3D printing technology. 3devo introduced its latest shredder. Finally, we have a greatRead More →