A newspaper printing company that for more than half a century produced the Ripon Commonwealth Press and other community newspapers in east-central Wisconsin died last month. He was 56 years old. The press originated in Ripon in the winter of 1965 at 306 Blackburn St., where it revolutionized the localRead More →

In today’s 3D printing briefs, we cover several different applications the technology can be used for: marine and military, electronics and medical research, and engines. New method of scanning and digital inspection for submarines saves time and money, while Israeli researchers have discovered how to achieve one-step 3D printing ofRead More →

They had all embarked on cannabis activism after being arrested during the SWAT raids. Randy Quast, who chairs the National Marijuana Law Reform Organization known as NORML, had built a trucking business in Minnesota and sold it for $ 40 million. Travis and Leah Maurer were instrumental in the marijuanaRead More →