What made Gutenberg’s printing press so special? The printing press that Gutenberg developed in 1439 did four fairly new things in the printing world: 1 Mobile type: Before Gutenberg, printing was done mainly with wooden blocks. Gutenberg’s idea was to create separate letters, which could be moved and then reused.Read More →

Through Vejas Liulevicius, Ph.D., University of Tennessee The printing press created by Johann Gutenberg was one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time, with far-reaching effects that shaped life as we know it today. While the impacts of the press have been felt in all spheres of life –Read More →

Eastman Kodak is stepping up its comeback campaign with the launch of major new products, including an inkjet press that it describes as a potentially revolutionary solution for commercial and publishing printing. The announcements came during a virtual press conference with reporters and analysts on June 15, the third officialRead More →